2014 Christmas Bird Count

December 29, 2014 locations, photography 0 Comments

This year I had the pleasure of helping out with the Sooke Christmas Bird Count. There were many very knowledgeable people involved, and it was a very worth-while learning experience. While I am familiar with the common birds in my area, having enjoyed photographing many of them, these people were very experienced in the field.

Eurasian Collared Dove

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Dove seen near Sooke, BC

All in all it was a fascinating experience. The lesson of “know your subject” came to mind frequently. I also had to act quickly, as I was juggling a pen, paper, camera and binoculars. The lighting was not always the best, and I’m afraid I was dawdling while trying to grab shots.

Whiffin Spit is definitely worth heading back with proper gear and light. Now…if it would only stop raining…..