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We have started a newsletter to let people know what’s coming up. Included will be information on upcoming classes at McTavish…

Cityscapes and Street Scenes: The New Photographers Gallery

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Paris is an amazing location to capture street scenes and architecture. These two images are on exhibit and offered for sale…

Best in Show at Lion’s Gate

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The image “Grizzly with Salmon Roe” captured the Best in Show award at the recent 2021 Lion’s Gate Celebration of Nature competition. The results…

BPSA Portfolio Distinction

January 19, 2022 news 0 Comments

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) offers an opportunity  to earn a portfolio distinction. In October 2021, I earned a BPSA…

Balfours Friends Foundation

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The Balfour’s Friends Foundation assists persons with low income with the cost of veterinary care by raising funds, maintaining funds, and…

Exposure Festival image

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The Canadian Association For Photographic Art (CAPA) has selected one of my images to be displayed at an internationally recognized photographic…

Exhibit at McTavish Academy of Art

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The McTavish Academy of Art has a display of photography artwork by Leah Gray and Steve Smith in their entrance hall….

First Merit awards by CAPA

November 4, 2021 photography 0 Comments

These two images were awarded “First Merit” by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and were part of the Canadian…

Wild About Wildlife: New Photographer’s Gallery

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These two images “Safe” *elephants and “Stampede” (zebras) are on exhibit and offered for sale at the New Photographer’s Gallery in Sidney…

Photographic Honours

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Many Photography organizations recognize photographers for their work by awarding “distinctions”. Here is a explaination of the honours or distinctions that I…