Photographic Honours

July 6, 2021 photography 0 Comments

Many Photography organizations recognize photographers for their work by awarding “distinctions”. Here is a explaination of the honours or distinctions that I have earned.

“Fellowship CAPA” Is the highest honours award presented by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. Members must meet at least five of the requirements listed on the CAPA website.

This “Proficiency PSA” distinction from the Photographic Society of America indicates that the recipient has 288 acceptances (images with a minimum score) in PSA recognized International Exhibitions.

The distinction “Artist FIAP” (AFIAP) is the first artistic distinction that can be obtained. It is awarded to photographic artists whose artistic qualities, technique and production of work have been acknowledged through the participation in international salons under FIAP Patronage. The recipient must have 40 acceptances with at least 15 different images in 15 salons in 8 different countries.