Wild About Wildlife: New Photographer’s Gallery

October 31, 2021 Prints for sale 0 Comments

These two images “Safe” *elephants and “Stampede” (zebras) are on exhibit and offered for sale at the New Photographer’s Gallery in Sidney until December 4th, 2021.

Zebras running in the dust in Tanzania

“Stampede” Zebras spooked at a water hole

These zebras in Tanzania were spooked after approaching a local watering hole. Predators take advantage of the limited water sources and lay in wait for approaching zebras.

This image is printed on Silver Metallic Paper on Diabond.



Elephants have few predators to worry about, but very young elephants are vunerable to lions, hyenas and even crocodiles. An elephant herd will place their young in the centre of the herd when predators appear. This young elephant was peaking out behind it’s mother.

Baby Elepahnt

“Safe” Elephants in Africa