Photography is the culmination of planning, technique, vision, composition and perception, brought together in one instant.  Leah Gray

Leah Gray (image by Greg Eligh)

Leah Gray

I love photography. I adore the artistic and technical challenges that must be met each time one creates an image. To capture the vital presence of one’s subject with care and purpose is incredibly fulfilling.

Having started out with sports photography many years ago, I explored the fast action and anticipation of the sport world before moving on to discover nature, wildlife and other genres of photography. I love looking for new challenges. Contributing to my local photo club is a way to share my appetite for photography.

I was raised in Alberta and moved to British Columbia in 2010. Over the years I have photographed on three continents, capturing numerous award-winning images. Over the past two years, I have entered the world of International Photographic Salons (recognized by the Photographic Society of America and Federation Internationale de l’art Photographique). My images have reaped in excess of 400 acceptances and over 70 other awards including 10 gold medals from exhibitions in the UK, USA and Australia.

I have photographs in several different collections including the BC Cancer Centre in Victoria and the Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site.